Soak up the sunshine - yellow colour collection

Yellow colour collection

The most luminous shade on the spectrum, yellow is the colour of happiness, optimism, creativity, and sunshine. It's a cheerful colour that brightens up a space and brings a happy pop of detail, but it often gets overlooked. 

We've put together a list of our fave yellow products, so you can bring some sunshine into your life with these bright beauties! Take a look at some of our favourite sunny products below:


Yellow earrings

Mustard Harlow Earrings by Holiday

These gorgeous yellow earrings are perfect to bring a splash of sunshine to any outfit.


Yellow dress

Marigold 3/4 Diagonal Dress by Tirelli

Dresses are perfect for long sunset walks along the beach, and you can enjoy the sunset colours for even longer with this delightful ¾ sleeve dress. It even has pockets!


Yellow top

Honeycomb WKND Embossed Sweat by Tirelli

Simple and sunny but still super stylish, this cheery sweat is perfect for cool summer nights or cosy winter days.


Yellow candle

A Tahaa Affair - Glasshouse Candle

It's always nice to come home to a warm, welcoming scent, like the vanilla and caramel of the luscious Tahaa candle.


Yellow diffuser

Montego Bay Rhythm Glasshouse Diffuser

Not a fan of candles? Well then this fresh diffuser might be the flameless solution to your scent search! Sweet ‘n’ sour, it’s a mouth-watering blend of zesty lime, coconut and boozy vanilla.


Yellow tiger rattle

Teddy the Tiger Rattle by Nana Huchy

For the younger ones in your life (or young at heart), how cute is this little yellow tiger rattle!


Yellow baby onesie

Fruit Loop Organic Zipsuit by Wilson and Frenchy

The perfect example of how a pop of yellow really adds that bright feeling, this gorgeous little baby onesie is so fun and fruity!



If yellow isn't your colour, or you just don't like sunshine, we have a wonderful range of other products in a lots of other colours. Whether you're trying to match your wardrobe, home decor, or your existing kitchenware, we stock many styles and many colours to suit every home and every life. 

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